Disneyland Day 4!

Disneyland Main Street Anaheim California

We started off the morning nice and easy in Tomorrowland, with the Buzz Lightyear Astro Adventure, which is a ride targeted to younger riders, but one that I really loved! It made me feel like a kid again! Then we wandered through Fantasyland, taking pictures of the castle, which was surprisingly quiet.

Disneyland Fantasyland Sleeping Beauty Castle

Disneyland Fantasyland Sleeping Beauty Castle

Disneyland Fantasyland Mickey Mouse Walt Disney

In Frontierland, we found there was virtually no line for the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, so we decided to give it a go! We loved it so much, that we immediately grabbed a FastPass so we could take it again later.

Disneyland Frontierland Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

We noticed that the line for Indiana Jones was only 20 minutes, which was about the same amount of time as the FastPass line, so we decided to take a chance. Although standing in line is (obviously), not my favourite aspect of going to a Theme Park, I’m really impressed with the way Disneyland manages their lines. I find it really interesting to look at all the subtle elements along the line area. I find it helps me get into the mood for the ride, and Indiana Jones has one of the most interesting pre-ride setups.

We enjoyed the Indiana Jones ride immensely, and then headed back to use our Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Fastpass. Then we wander from Frontierland to the New Orleans Square, where we noticed there was no line for the Haunted House again, so we took another turn through there!

Disneyland Frontierland The Golden Horseshoe

Disneyland New Orleans Square French Market Restaurant California Anaheim

Disneyland New Orleans Square French Market Cafe California Anaheim

Disneyland New Orleans Square Spanish Moss

We decided to have an early lunch at the French Market Restaurant, and I was quite happy we did because it was definitely the best meal we’d had at Disneyland.

I have to say that the food is one of the worst aspects of Disneyland. As a Canadian, I just do not understand the gargantuan American portion sizes, and the need for grease on everything (even salad – how is that possible?!) I understand it’s a theme park and there are a lot of treats – but considering that there are also full restaurants, it is an amazement to me that there isn’t higher quality food at Disneyland (and more on that note later!)

I had the shrimp ‘po boy’ sandwich, which was really good – I would have it again in a second! And my sister and I shared a mint julep, which was the first time either of us had ever tried that drink! It was so nice, because it was already 32 degrees Celsius at 10:30 in the morning! As we were finishing up our meal, Princess Tiana appeared behind us! I was so excited because she’s one of my favourite Princesses, so we lined up to meet her! It was delightful!

Disneyland New Orleans Square Mint Julep

Princess Tiana Disneyland

We headed back to the hotel for a bit of rest, because it was so hot already, and because we knew we had a reservation for the afternoon at the Blue Bayou. As we left the park, we did a bit of shopping on Main Street, and picked up some sweets for our mum, and a pair of Minnie Mouse socks for a friend of ours.

We returned for our reservation at the Blue Bayou and I have to say that it was incredibly disappointing. The restaurant is so neat – you pass it as you float along in the Pirates of the Carribean ride. Unfortunately, the food was AWFUL, even worse than some of the fast food at the smaller cafes. There are virtually no options for vegetarians, and our service was poor; our waitress was absent minded, and incredibly rushed. It was really too bad, because the Blue Bayou is considered one of the best restaurants at Disneyland, and we did not have a good experience.

After our meal, we left the Disneyland Park and headed over to California Adventures. The sun was starting to go down, and we took some really lovely pictures of the park! Then we took the Jumping Jellyfish ride, then the Golden Zephyr, and then Goofy’s Sky School, which is an adorably endearing ride, but still a pretty wild rollercoaster!

Disneyland California Adventures

Disneyland California Adventures

Disneyland California Adventures Paradise Pier Rollercoaster

Disneyland California Adventures Jumping Jellyfish

After we finished the Goofy ride, we stumbled upon the parade, so we sat down on the curb and watched! It was quite delightful – I was so impressed with the floats, the costumes, and the performers – including some very talented acrobats!

Caifornia Adventures parade

California Adventures parade

Then we wandered past the Paradise Pier rollercoaster which was beautifully lit up, and headed over to Carsland, which looks SO NEAT in the dark!

Disneyland California Adventures RollerCoaster Sunset

Disneyland California Adventures Carsland

Disneyland California Adventure Carsland

Disneyland California Adventures Carsland

Then we headed back to the hotel, exhausted but happy!


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