Disneyland Day 5!

Today was an odd day. My sister decided she wanted pancakes for breakfast, so instead of getting an early start at the park, we went to ihop. And although it was quite delicious, it meant that we got to the park late, and the line was horrendous!

Disneyland lines!

When we finally got past security, we practically ran to California Adventures, and lined up in another massive line to get a FastPass for the Racers Rapid Springs ride. We finally got a FastPass for 3:30-4:30.

We wandered through California Adventures, looking at all of the more subtle attractions that we had missed previously including the Hollywood Backlot set, and the Grizzly Peaks obstacle course.

Disneyland California Adventures

Disneyland California Adventures

Disneyland California Adventures

Disneyland California Adventures

Disneyland California Adventures Grizzly Peak

Around lunch, we switched back to the Disneyland Park to grab some food, and pick up a FastPass for Space Mountain. We ate at the Bayou Terrace which was fine, but not great. For some reason, the park was incredibly busy today (Wednesday in February seems like a random day to be busy), and so we found it quite difficult to move quickly from place to place. We actually looked at the footstep tracker today on our iPhones, and found that we walked over 15 kilometres between the two parks today!

We headed back to California Adventures to use our FastPass on the Racers RapidSprings ride, only to find out that the ride was broken, which was frustrating. We waited around for a while to see if the ride would resolve, and be fixed in time (Disneyland/Caliofornia Adventures has a great policy of honouring FastPasses if the ride is down when your FastPass is valid). They finally told us the ride would be down for the rest of the night, so we headed back to Disneyland.

We grabbed a quick dinner of past and salad which we shared, and then headed to Space Mountain to use our FastPass, only to find out that Space Mountain was also broken! It was so disappointing, and it had started to rain. Very foolishly, we had not brought clothing to the park that day for rain, and so we were so cold, and uncomfortable.

We grabbed a churro in New Orleans Square to make ourselves feel better, hoping the rain would pass. But it just turned into a downpour, and we were soaked through! I got some beautiful pictures of New Orleans Square in the evening rain, but we were pretty miserable. So after a disappointing day at Disneyland, we headed back to the hotel to get some pizza, and warm ourselves up again.

Disneyland New Orleans Square

Disneyland New Orleans Square


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