Royal Crescent No.1 Museum

Yesterday I visited the Royal Crescent Museum, which didn’t open until noon (I just do not get why everything opens so late!) It was a fairly pleasant day – the torrential rain from the weekend was largely cleared.


I queued for a few minutes, before the museum opened, and took a few photos of the Crescent again, and then it was time to go in.




The Royal Crescent is still home to many people, though most of the space has been divided up into smaller flats (including a lower level suite where John Cleese has a home!) But the Bath Preservation Society set aside Royal Crescent No.1 and replicated what a wealthy family living in the Georgian era might have experienced.

We started with the lower parlour, and “gentlemen’s room”. I was struck by the very high ceilings. Initially the house had ended just after the parlour, but the gentleman of the house wanted more space, so they blew the back wall out, and took over what was the Courtyard, to accommodate his new room.





Then it was on into the dining room where a table was set with quite a convincing meal. I love the blue of the curtains used in this room!


Then it was upstairs into the ‘lady’s rooms’ – which were much more elaborately decorated.




The lady’s sitting rooms were also quite elaborate, and I think I preferred them above any other room in the house.



On the top floor of the house was the “gentlemen’s rooms”, and although they were definitely less elaborate than the lady’s, they did have the best view out onto the Crescent, since they were three floors up.



Then it was back down the servants staircase at the back of the house, to see how the other half lived. Of course, much more modest and utilitarian, they still seem quite nice, though I imagine with the squalor and poor hygiene of the Georgian era, they were considerably less pleasant!




Although the museum was nice, and interesting, I found it a bit inauthentic, and contrived. I also found the admission price of £10 way too steep for what the museum offered.

After I toured the museums I wandered around the many shops and boutiques in Bath City Centre, glad for some nice weather after all the rain!


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