The Victoria Art Gallery

As one of my last stops during my visit in Bath, I went to the Victoria Art Gallery. This was part of my Saver ticket that included entrance to the Roman Baths, and the Fashion Museum.

I waited until the weekend of the 22nd to go, because they had a new exhibit that opened on July 22nd, called Here Be Dragons that I wanted to see.



The Victoria Art Gallery is quite small, and on the top floor they have their permanent collection, and on the bottom floor they have a visiting exhibition.

Although there weren’t  a great many works of art, the pieces that were there were quite interesting, and because the gallery wasn’t crowded, and the paintings weren’t behind glass, it was easy to get up close to the paintings.

All the pieces in the gallery have been donated, and there was a painting there from the 1550’s!




The gallery itself if quite lovely with the brilliant cerulean walls, the intricate frames, and the rich green seating area!





My favourite piece was this fire screen featuring St. Elisabeth of Hungary and St. Dorothea by George Frampton from 1895. St. Dorothea is the patron saint of florists, and I love the way she is depicted on this screen!



I also loved this sweet painting of geese going out to the pond! It’s called Watersplash, and was painted by Henry Herbery La Thangue in 1900.


After I finished looking at everything in the permanent collection, I headed downstairs to see the Here Be Dragons exhibition, which I shortly discovered was aimed at children. It featured illustrations from contemporary artists featuring a variety of different dragons. The gallery had created a series of fun activities for the kids to interact with the artwork, as well as to create their own – there was a large ‘lego painting’ that the kids had worked on together with a local artist at the beginning of the exhibition!




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